A commitment to sustainability

female hand holding yellow flower
At Brightwool we are doing everything we can to minimize the impact of this creative making process. Every decision we make is with sustainability at the forefront so that the next project you take on will be your best one yet. We're driven by impact over profits so if the sustainable choice costs a little bit more or takes a little bit longer, we'll do it.

What's in a skein?

We source our yarns from local to Toronto farms in order to reduce transportation and support our local economy. We use only natural dyes to avoid contamination in local freshwater supplies while minimizing the production impact of the dyes themselves. Our product packaging uses plant-based inks and recycled paper and we ship our orders using the bare minimum to get the yarn to you safely. Yes, all of this adds up. To keep our yarn affordable we are also eliminating ads. Doing away with marketing costs means we can spend our money making sure our products are as good as they can be.
We live in a world where we're constantly bombarded by messaging to "buy this" or "buy that" and maybe we do, we use it a couple of times and then we probably move onto something else. The excitement about the new thing goes away just as quickly as it came. 
Something changes when you're the one making those new things; you spend time researching options, learning new skills, and making sure you really like it because there's more of an investment to get you there. Once you've made it, it means so much more. You know the time it took you, the mistakes you may have made along the way, or the places it went with you as you made it.

You cherish it and you're proud of it. 

We're here to share that with you.